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  • SPID Statistical Protocol IDentification  v.0.4.6A proof-of-concept application of the Statistical Protocol IDentification (SPID) algorithm. SPID can detect the application layer protocol (layer 7) by analysing flow (packet sizes etc.) and payload statistics (byte values etc.) from pcap ...
  • TuxGuardian  v.0.5TuxGuardian is an application-based firewall with a graphical interface. It's main task is to control and forbid transmission & reception of data by unauthorized applications; it can be thought as the Linux equivalent to apps such as ZoneAlarm and ...
  • Webstensible  v.1.0Webstensible is an extensible application layer for building robust, web-based business applications. The framework is written in DotNet. All components are loaded via reflection and designed to be replaced to match ever-changing business ...
  • Yxorp  v.2.33yxorp is a reverse proxy and application level firewall for the HTTP protocol. It can do all kinds of checks on HTTP traffic, and is highly configurable. It also has other functions that are useful for a web frontend, like load ...
  • SQL Query Notification Dispatcher  v.1.0A application layer Query Notifications subscriptions and dispatcher mechanism for intranet hosts ...
  • NetAnalyze  v.1.0This project is used to analyze network TCP/IP packet.For example this can control Application Layer Flow and flux;In particular P2P Flux.Also, it can used to Net Application content AuditNetwork Security.
  • SPICE4  v.1.0Call for the specifications of (next generation of spice) spice4. The concept of spice kernel is proposed. The main function of spice kernel is to provide a communication between "application layer" and "low-level Algorithm layer".
  • PHP Business Rules  v.0.5.3PHP Business Rules is an open source application layer for PHP. The logic is defined in rules and facts. Like most Business Rule Engines (BRE) it uses the Rete algorithm.
  • MUSPELGARD  v.1.0FrameWork of conduct for technology lbs, implements GIS layer, and application layer approach to connect with GPS for the implementation of shipping and receiving data.
  • Briareo  v.1.0Platform based on JMS queues to centralize System Event Messages (syslog) and Application Layer Messages, persisting them in several Databases and providing several pre- and post- processes according the message's nature, like encryption, mail.
  • Netsupervise  v.1.0A sofeware which can be used by network administrator to surpvise the network status in both network layer and application layer.
  • Packet assembly library libpal  v.1.0libpal is an easy-to-use, straightforward packet assembly library that allows programmers to forge any kind of IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP and application layer packages.
  • Netadmin- Administration tools  v.1.0The aim is to develop tools to help the network and the system administrator.The tools that we are working on are: 1.PAnalyze (Packet Analyzer) 2.Proxy Server implementing Application layer Filtering 3.RHCP( Remote Host Control Panel) 4.SBID (Statistical ...
  • GLExMote  v.1.0GLExMote is a simple application-layer protocol and associated software enabling a wireless device such as a Java-enabled mobile phone to be used as an interactive remote control for a personal computer or other device.
  • Dj-webmachine  v.0.2.1dj-webmachine is an application layer that adds HTTP semantic awareness on top of Django and provides a simple and clean way to connect that to your applications' behavior.
  • Kerio Control for Windows  v.8.0.0Unified Threat Management and Network Intelligence.
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